Raised in the PNW, I traveled many miles before circling back around to where I grew up...

When I was 10, I was given my late fathers Pentax ME Super. It was the only thing I had of his, so I carried the camera everywhere. For my 12th Christmas, all I wanted was a darkroom. Santa was good to me that year! Once I got my darkroom, I spent hours upon hours developing film in plastic canisters and watching images magically appear in tray after tray in the darkroom. 

When I graduated high School I was honored with "most likely to succeed in the arts". An honor that I'm still trying to live up to today. After high school I went on to study photography in what felt like the coldest place on earth, Rochester, NY. We spent entire quarters doing the zone system in 4ft of snow and temps of zero. It was so cold that when I graduated from Rochester Institiute of Technology I went straight to Los Angeles. All I cared for at that time was sunshine and warm weather! 

When I got to Los Angeles after graduation I worked at equipment rental houses and assisted some really great photographers. I wanted some experience on the business side of things, so I got a job working in the bookings department, as the director of bookings, at Quixote and Smashbox studios. This gave me the opportunity to work one on one with some of the best photographers, producers, and editors in the industry.

I'm now freelance and have a foot in both Los Angeles, CA and Portland, OR.

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Rebecca Cabage

P: 323-835-5024